1. s/t
    Hasten the Storm

  2. Coup d'Etat EP
    Mental Junto

  3. Folk Is Dead (teaser single)
    The Shabeen

  4. Fortune Favours The Brave
    Jon Shaban

  5. Jut Pride
    Matt Vend and the Tender Ten

  6. Hog Hoggidy Hog, John & Philippp's Song Tribute
    All These Wasted Nuts & The South Shore Ramblers

  7. Rolling Blackout

  8. Hermanos Single
    Bolleria Industrial

  9. We Did This Records Sampler Vol.2, 2015 (Double CD)

  10. Cats Not Bombs
    All These Wasted Nuts

  11. Princess Poured Out The Pale Winter Moon (EP)
    Her Stems Spiral

  12. Filthy Drunk Again
    Skollie Patrollie

  13. Open Room Sessions
    The South Shore Ramblers

  14. The Iron Prawn EP
    Satanic Dagga Orgy

  15. SWW/MMJ Split
    Slippery When Wet & Monday Morning Justice

  16. Ep

  17. Stoner Pop
    The Tubby Wilson's

  18. The medicine arrives on Friday
    All These Wasted Nuts and Matt Vend

  19. Black Love
    The Bone Collectors

  20. CommitNotToMemory

  21. A Brief History of Drug Use
    Gentlemen Callers

  22. An Introduction to Metaphysics
    Gentlemen Callers

  23. Beer and Anarchy
    Cami Scoundrel

  24. The Shabeen EP
    The Shabeen

  25. Bare Knuckle Blackout
    The South Shore Ramblers

  26. Bad Dancing Parasites
    The Meerkat Mob

  27. Only The Deaf Are Safe (2012)

  28. Live at the Alma Cafe 17 October 2014
    Jon Shaban

  29. A quieter riot
    Matt Vend and The Tender Ten

  30. Durban After Dark
    Sibling Rivalry

  31. Contorted Izingoma
    Sibling Rivalry

  32. A South African DIY Folk Sampler (Digital Extended Release)

  33. 8:05 EP
    Monday Morning Justice

  34. The Demeaning Of Life (2005)

  35. DisCovering Incarnation EP (2006)

  36. A Cat In The Gears
    All These Wasted Nuts

  37. Greatest Hits EP
    The Carniwhores

  38. MMJ / ATWN TOUR SPLIT 2013
    Monday Morning Justice / All These Wasted Nuts

  39. Reality Check

  40. Tavern Talk
    Matt Vend and the Tender Ten

  41. Corax

  42. Truth Seeker

  43. Happy Songs About Sad Shit
    Galactic Fish

  44. 2013 Demo
    Sloppy Folk

  45. Obliterate

  46. Punk Rock Pterodactyl
    Galactic Fish

  47. With Love and Revolution
    Cami Scoundrel

  48. It Can Only Get Worse... 2013 EP
    All These Wasted Nuts

  49. The Legalization Of Heresy
    Monday Morning Justice

  50. Went Camping For New Years, Was In-tents...
    Monday Morning Justice & All These Wasted Nuts

  51. A Year End Show 2012 + Some More Songs
    Sloppy Folk

  52. Open Mic At Armchair
    Jon Shaban & All These Wasted Nuts

  53. Jon Shaban Live @ Rumours Lounge, JHB (bootleg CD-R)
    Jon Shaban

  54. Brass Bell Bootleg
    Jon Shaban

  55. Live @ The Bohemian Sep 2012. South African Tour
    Brett Newski

  56. Music Box vol 1.0
    Mark's Little Box

  57. Super Skunk

  58. Too Much

  59. A long awaited fourth Car Boot Vendors ep
    Car Boot Vendors

  60. Audio Anarchy
    Skuff Mullet

  61. Humming mountaintops
    Joy Moonflower and Captain Baker

  62. Sindrones EP

  63. Sam Sip Jet
    Matt Vend and The Tender Ten

  64. 2012 EP
    The Deaf Commission

  65. Fridge Poetry Shreds
    Fridge Poetry

  66. Free Music
    Captain Stu

  67. Fixed Dice Single
    Sloppy Folk

  68. England

  69. Unforgiving Sky
    Gross Misconduct

  70. Liberty Valance EP
    Liberty Valance

  71. Live At Mokha Rock Lounge (2011-06-01)
    Joy Moonflower

  72. Paste Meaningful Album Title Here
    Mike Shattered

  73. The Flop EP
    Car Boot Vendors

  74. A Day In The Life EP
    Zam Boney

  75. Demo Two (Home Brew Shoe Glue)

  76. The Apple Sessions
    The Carniwhores

  77. The Sloppy Sheep Split
    Sloppy Folk / Sheep And Other Anomalies

  78. Drunken Sessions & Silly Demos VOL.1
    Ramblin' Bones & His Bloody Agents

  79. The Full Demo (Demo 1)

  80. Home Is Home EP
    Car Boot Vendors

  81. Skunk It Up EP

  82. Taking Life Seriously
    Half Price

  83. Sleeping At The Popes
    Sleeping At The Popes

  84. Sleeping At The Popes EP/LP
    Sleeping At The Popes

  85. Two Weeks Old
    Two Weeks Old

  86. Skelm Helm EP
    Skelm Helm

  87. TDKM

  88. EP 2
    Touched By Nausea

  89. Experience SA-Folk-Punk
    Sloppy Folk

  90. Another Pawn Please
    A.W.O.L (Absent Without leave)

  91. ContraMundi(Discography)


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